Iran's president's plane parked at Joint Base Andrews. (Instagram/Amy Gardner)

Well, if you’re Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the appointment is at the United Nations — and your ride is a Boeing 747 — you just leave the dang thing in Washington, at Andrews air base.

Such was the case on Wednesday, when the dictator left his jet, emblazoned with “Iran Air,” at Andrews. On the scene was none other than President Obama. Our colleague Amy Gardner reports that the president “taxied past the Iranian jet on his way to two campaign events in Ohio.”

Later, a White House spokesman said he didn’t think the President had caught sight of the plane as he passed it.

An Andrews spokeswoman tells Gardner that such parking arrangements aren’t uncommon for foreign heads of state visiting U.S. soil.

And in another clear advantage over pricey Gotham garage space, the parking at Andrews is free.