Troops might be rolling out of Iraq...but don’t call it a “withdrawal.” (ALI AL-SAADI/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Our colleague Liz Sly reports that although the press shop won’t be in Iraq, it’s apparently still spinning. “ ‘Reposture efforts’ is the phrase the military has determined most appropriate to describe what news outlets are calling a ‘withdrawal,’ ” she writes.

And we loved this little blast from the past in the story about GOP hopeful Herman Cain’s strategy of employing flat-out denial in dealing with charges of an affair, claims of sexual harassment, and ... well, just about anything else.

David Farenthold and Sandhya Somashekhar recall that Cain used that same tactic in a 1994 town hall meeting in which he questioned then-President Bill Clinton. Cain, then the head of Godfather’s Pizza, said Clinton’s health-care plan would drive up costs, to which Clinton replied that he could raise the price of his pizzas. “I’m a satisfied customer, I’d keep buying from you,” Clinton responded.

Cain said the president’s calculations were “incorrect” — about his business costs, we presume, not about the deliciousness of his pies.

Elsewhere, suddenly, bills banning insider trading among members of Congress is all the rage. Hmm ... we wonder why. Could be because of that blistering “60 Minutes” piece. Our colleague Kimberly Kindy reports on the suddenly inspired movement.