Sen. John Kerry testifies. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Maybe time to shop for a new metaphor?

During an appearance on Fox and Friends Friday morning, Rep. Darrell Issa likened Sen. John Kerry’s call for fiscal restraint to ... patricide. Kerry, during his Thursday confirmation hearing to be Secretary of State, suggested that in order to lead on global issues, the United States must first address its own financial problems.

That apparently sounded a little too much like a GOP line to Issa, who accused Kerry of hypocrisy. “It’s a little bit like somebody killing their parents and then claiming to be an orphan,” the California Republican said of Kerry’s remarks.

That is, of course, an oft-used phrase (sometimes described as the classic example of chutzpah) in which a child murders his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.

Hackneyed? Perhaps. And more than a tad gruesome.

But the construction is apparently Issa’s go-to for describing members of President Obama’s Cabinet. He once described Attorney General Eric Holder in similar terms. When Holder scoffed at the GOP’s ultimately successful efforts to hold him in contempt of Congress last year, Issa likened the AG to the Menendez brothers, who notoriously killed their parents in a grisly headline-making 1989 homicide.

“The attorney general was a little bit like, if you remember the Menendez brothers who killed their parents, and then if they claimed they were orphans it would have been equally genuine,” he said on another Fox appearance.

But then again, no one’s ever accused Issa of subtlety.