Jack Abramoff is due for a change in headgear. (GERALD HERBERT/AP)

The lobbyist-turned-felon-turned-author recently petitioned the court for permission to make a jaunt to Paris to sell some books--though we can only assume he might find time to stroll Luxembourg Gardens or take in a coffee at Les Deux Magots. Seems Abramoff’s book, “Capitol Punishment” has fans in the City of Light: he’s been asked to give speeches in Europe and also hopes to “possibly arrange the sale of the European distribution rights to his book” according to the court filing that our research diva Alice Crites uncovered.

Sadly, unlike the rest of us, Abramoff can’t simply hop a jet--he’s under probation that prevents him from leaving the area. And to make his case, he notes that he’ll need to do business on the Continent if he ever wants to repay the massive restitution he owes.

Last we checked, Abramoff owed more than $22 million to the victims of the fraud and conspiracy he perpetrated as a high-flying lobbyist.

The court cleared the way for Abramoff’s overseas adventures, modifying the terms of his probation to allow him to travel internationally, so long as his probation officer approves.

Might we suggest that he tempt said officer with some macaroons from Fauchon patisserie in exchange for the go-ahead?

Ah, Jacques, bon voyage!