Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee spends more time talking on the floor of the House than just about any of her colleagues (Roll Call in 2008 named her the second most-loquacious member). So one would think the Lone Star Dem would have the rules that govern House speeches down pat.

But it seems Jackson Lee was vamping a bit too hard for the C-SPAN cameras for the comfort of the House.

Jackson-Lee took to the floor Tuesday to cheer on the University of Houston Cougars, enthusiastically urging the team and the school on. ”Go cougars!” she implored. One might understand her excitement, since the undefeated Cougars just clinched the Conference USA division championship and are poised to play for conference dominance on Saturday.

But such cheerleading is, technically, verboten, and Jackson-Lee got called for a penalty.

Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who was chairing floor proceedings at the time, threw the flag. “Members are reminded to direct their remarks to the chair and not to a viewing audience,” he said.