John Boehner is rarely seen necktie-less. (Alex Wong/GETTY IMAGES)

The Ohio Republican, who was presiding over the chamber, reminded members that they must wear “proper attire” on the House floor. So, who were the presumably scruffy, improperly dressed culprits who provoked the warning?

A Boehner spokesman says his boss was merely offering a general (and gentle) reminder of House rules.

But we couldn’t help but notice a few necktie-less members amid the throngs. The casual-Friday looks are most likely because many of them are planning to board planes bound for their home districts today--and who likes to wear a confining tie whilst hoisting one’s luggage?

Boehner is known for his sartorial correctness: he’s rarely spotted without a natty cravat himself, and loves to taunt journos about their sloppy attire--a practice, we admit, that is like shooting fish in a barrel.