John Brennan. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

We didn’t learn much leafing through White House counterrerrorism adviser John Brennan’s questionnaire provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of his nomination to be CIA director.

It’s generally ho-hum stuff, like a list of his published works (though we imagine that his 2010 “U.S. Policy Towards Yemen” is a real page-turner), qualifications, past employment and the like.

But we perked up a bit when we got to question 27, wherein the prospective CIA Director lists gifts exceeding $100 bestowed on him by non-relatives.

Elias Murr, a former Lebanese defense minister and deputy prime minister, gave what sounds like the most interesting present: a “crystal clock in the shape of a horse jumping over an obstacle.” Hmm... sounds like it could really tie a room together.

Also notable was the bottle of Jose Cuervo Platino, a high-end tequila, from Emilio Gonzalez Marquez, the governor of Jalisco, Mexico. A few descriptions of gifts he’s received are rather detailed, such as the “paper mache container with gold color inlay, and floral design on lid.” That one was from Indian ambassador Alok Prasad. Sounds lovely.

Well, at least is sounds like Brennan’s got a head start on decorating that nice office at the CIA, if he’s confirmed.