Sen. John Kerry, after a hearing on his nomination to be secretary of State. (Alex Wong/GETTY IMAGES)

If he does say so himself, Sen. John Kerry has an impressive record.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee today approved an over-the-top resolution honoring the Massachusetts Democrat, whose nomination to be Secretary of State the committee also voted out.

The resolution describes Kerry in glowing terms, praising “everything but his strong jawline,” as one amused reader put it (though perhaps a follow-up resolution could take care of that omission).

In an odd wrinkle, the resolution was touted in a press release sent out by the committee, which Kerry himself still technically chairs (New Jersey Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez will be taking over the gavel once Kerry is confirmed).

A sample of the effusive prose used to describe Kerry: “honor, conviction and a sense of civility”... “great skill...” “patience, fair-mindedness and tenacity...” And let’s not forget: “a voice of courage and conscience...” “uncommon passion and commitment...”

It places him, too, in no less august company than John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay and John Sherman.