(Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA)

We were hearing talk recently that former Justice Department official Amy Jeffress, now the department’s attaché at the Embassy in London, was a leading contender to be nominated assistant attorney general for national security.

Jeffress, who had been Attorney General Eric Holder’s national security counselor, was said to be Holder’s pick to succeed Lisa Monaco, who replaced CIA Director John Brennan as the White House chief homeland security and counter-terrorism adviser.

Appears now that the White House is looking closely at the rest of the field of possibilities, particularly at John Carlin, former chief of staff and senior counsel to FBI Director Robert Mueller and now the acting assistant attorney general for national security.

Meanwhile, the White House announced that Caroline Atkinson will be the new deputy national security adviser for international economics, replacing Michael Froman, who was confirmed Wednesday to be U.S. trade representative.

Atkinson, formerly a top official at the International Monetary Fund and the Treasury Department, began her career right here at The Washington Post and other publications.