Whither the bolo, Secretary Salazar? (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is under fire from a source very close to him. We’re not talking, of course, about his inner circle of advisers or political allies, but rather ... his bolo tie.

Salazar’s Western neckwear has been expressing its frustration with its owner, who it feels has grown distant of late, on its Twitter feed @kensbolo (described in its bio as “a stylish, jetsetting accessory on exciting adventures within the federal government. Oh yes.”)

The tie, apparently, thinks Salazar has grown fonder of traditional neckties of late. And in fact, we’ve noticed that Salazar has been neglecting the string tie that he so famously sported throughout his Senate career and even during his appointment ceremony with President Obama.

“I’ve gotten so little attention from Kenny lately, I’m considering hitting the road. I’ll sprout some fibers, soak myself in gin,” it tweeted last month. And in another plaintive missive: “Cruel loneliness.”

The tie has gotten some sympathy: A twitter user,‏ @JonsMoustache (who purports to be the facial hair of National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis. “Well I care about you too, @KensBolo ... I suggest enjoying the great outdoors it’s #NationalParkWeek leave Kenny behind and enjoy the parks!”

And the fashion blogger who pens Capitol Hill Style weighed in, too, Tweeting that perhaps Salazar had “gone Washington” and had traded in his beloved bolo for more typical Beltway fare.

When the Loop asked an Interior spokesman for comment about just where Salazar stands on the bolo tie issue, we got this response, via Twitter, which should give the poor neglected Western cravat some hope:

“Not to fear @kensbolo, Sec. Salazar still believes in high fashion, bolos included.”