Mitt Romney appears with comedian Jeff Foxworthy in Mobile, Alabama. (Win McNamee/GETTY IMAGES)

“I got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits, Mitt Romney declared. And, according to our colleagues David A. Fahrenthold and Krissah Thompson, “In other states, the former Massachusetts governor’s campaign had stretched out giant versions of the state flag as part of his backdrop. But Mississippi’s flag — which incorporates the Confederate flag — was set behind a tractor, limp and almost invisible.

Newt Gingrich sounded a Bubba Gump-like refrain: “I like grits. I like cheese grits. I like grits with gravy. There’s a number of ways you can have grits.”

Elsewhere, we get a peek into the “rarefied”—and monied— world of dressage horses, a hobby of Ann Romney, wife of the GOP hopeful. “Some of their animals cost more than $100,000, and the Romneys continue to sink tens of thousands of dollars into year-round training and feeding, plus veterinary bills,” reports our colleague Ned Martel.

And forget the Watergate tapes. A new cache of letters reveals former President Nixon’s romantic side.

Meet the man who could help efforts to poke holes in the White House’s signature health reform law: our colleague Michael Leahy profiles superlawyer Paul Clement, a “a grandmaster” of the legal chess game.