New Labor Secretary Tom Perez, ready for his close-up. (Molly Riley/AP)

This is what the changing of the guard looks like, Washington-style.

Just as the Senate was voting to confirm Tom Perez as the Secretary of Labor, the word was out at DOL headquarters: remove all photos of former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to get ready for the incoming boss.

Out with the old, in with the new.

“Pending the arrival of a new Secretary of Labor, it is requested that all DOL agencies remove the pictures of former Secretary Solis from your work spaces by noon this Friday,” reads an e-mail to DOL supervisors from Al Stewart, the agency’s Director of Business Operations and Procurement Executive.

But employees were warned not to get too trash-happy in this era of tight budgets. While the pictures of Solis were to be shelved, the frames were to be preserved and re-used.

Fortunately, “additional guidance will be provided on how the new Secretary’s photos will be inserted in the existing frames when those photos are available,” the e-mail reads.

That’s a relief. It could get tricky.

DOL spokesman Carl Fillichio laughed off the Loop’s interest in the regime-change missive. “That’s what we do when we have a new Secretary of Labor,” he said.

Wait — what about the photos of Solis? Workers were advised to “temporarily store them in your offices.” Seems sad that one day, your pictures are gracing the walls of an important government office, and the next day, they’re gathering dust in someone’s closet.

Maybe sell them as collectors items on eBay?