Larry Craig (Susan Walsh/AP)

Craig, who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges in the case, argues that Senate rules permit reimbursement for any costs while on official travel. (He was heading back from his home to Washington.)

But at a hearing Monday on the FEC suit, Judge Amy Berman Jackson seemed skeptical of that claim, according to an Associated Press account. She noted that Craig’s lawyers had written in 2007 that the incident had nothing to do with his Senate duties.

Still, Craig surely was en route to Washington, although he may have taken a detour of sorts at one point in the airport as he went to get to his connecting flight.

Best we were able to determine at the time — judging from what sources told us were the usual arrival and departure gates for his flights — Craig may have passed not one, not two, not three but four bathrooms at the airport along the way before choosing the very one that an airport official called “the biggest hotspot” for sexual encounters.

Okay, so maybe a slightly circuitous route, but still kinda on his way.