(David Manning /Reuters)

In fact, despite all the attention in both conventions to appeal to Latinos, a tracking poll released Monday by Latino Decisions found there had actually been a small decrease in enthusiasm from polls taken before the conventions.

This is based on early data, we’re told, and a more complete review, which will better reflect the impact of the Democratic convention, will be released next Monday.

Still, any significant decline in voter turnout among Latinos could spell trouble for President Obama, especially in states like Colorado, Nevada, Florida and Virginia, according to Latino Decisions.

Obama continues to hold a large 66-29 lead over Romney among Latinos after the conventions — pretty much where he was before them.

Romney has to boost his percentage — a lot. Sen. John McCain got an estimated 31 percent of the Latino vote in 2008. While there’s some dispute on the numbers, President George W. Bush got an estimated 35 percent of the Latino vote in 2000 and around 40 percent of that vote in 2004.

A Romney strategist has said he will need to pick up 38 percent of the Latino vote on Nov. 6 in order to win.