Dreams deferred — Pity the poor lobbyists. A judge has denied them the chance to get ahead in the world by serving on any of the some 1,000 federal panels in existence. The court upheld the Obama administration’s ban on K Street types serving on such bodies, despite the well-heeled folks complaining that the rule prevents them from polishing their resumes.

Happy Election Day! — Say what? Ballots are already being cast, as early voting gets underway in Iowa.

Cash flow — Take this baby for a spin: the Post’s fancy new campaign-finance tracker lets you check out how the presidential candidates are getting — and spending — all that cash. Speaking of campaign spending, our colleague Dan Eggen has an interesting look at the nuts-and-bots mechanics of the rates the two campaigns get to run all those advertisements flooding the airwaves.

Is it chilly in here? — After parking his jet for free, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s address to the U.N. wasn’t exactly a hot ticket — the U.S. boycotted, the Israelis weren’t there, and some European delegations sent “low-ranking diplomats and who were prepared to coordinate a walkout if provoked.”