Monday’s White House Easter Egg Roll. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Okay. We think we’ve straightened out whether President Lyndon Johnson ever attended a White House Easter Egg Roll.

A March 29 column item noted that the Johnson Library folks in Texas said it didn’t appear that LBJ had ever been to one. But Loop Fan Marilynn Eaton, whose husband had covered the White House during the Johnson years as a reporter for UPI, said we were mistaken, sending a 1964 photo of Johnson and some kids, including her daughters, at a White House Easter event. So we made a correction for an April 3 item.

But the library begged to differ, writing us Wednesday that they had a copy of Eaton’s photo in their files, along with Johnson’s schedules, and that the photo was not from the Easter Egg Roll but from another event a few weeks later.

So, as we wrote first time around, it still appears that Johnson never attended the egg roll, preferring instead to go to his Texas ranch for Easter.