Mari Carmen Aponte’s nomination may resurface in the Senate. (Luis Romero/AP)

We hear Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) may schedule a vote as early as this week. Aponte’s nomination fell through the last time the Senate voted on it late last year, when supporters didn’t have enough votes to overcome a Republican filibuster.

Another attempt at approving the nomination could throw Sen. Marco Rubio back into the spotlight.The Florida Republican initially voted against breaking the filibuster--but later agreed to back Aponte and to round up the Republican votes needed to clear her nomination. Talks between Rubio and Democrats ended in bitter recriminations on both sides...but no vote.

We hear that Rubio is expected to vote for Aponte this time, but he won’t be whipping votes among colleagues again.

Two questions: Will the second time be the charm? And is it a coincidence that President Obama will be in Orlando next week--where he could either tout the success of a Puerto Rican-born ambassador, or blast Republicans for blocking one?