Superman might have some competition. (George Perez & Jesus Merino/DC COMICS)

A Marist College pollster may have saved the life of a Manhattan woman whom the pollster had called to ask about Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the local NBC affiliate reported.

When the college student began talking with Bobby Berlin, he sensed that she was in distress. “Something just sounded off,” the student told the NBC station. “It was just really heavy breathing and panting.”

He alerted his supervisor, who called 911. An ambulance arrived to take Berlin, who was suffering from diabetic shock, to the hospital, possibly saving her life.

She seems to have recovered well. The station reports: “Berlin’s only regret is that she did not get to answer the pollsters’ questions about Bloomberg.

So on Wednesday, when asked by NBC New York if she had strong opinions about the mayor, Berlin quipped, ‘I certainly do, and they are all negative.’”

Often, recipients of pollsters’ calls are tempted to hang up — but this is one reason to stay on the line.