Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford has re-emerged. (Mary Ann Chastain/AP)

Sanford, who famously touched off a scandal by jetting off to visit his Argentinian mistress while claiming to be hiking the Appalachian Trail, is quoted in our colleague Steve Hendrix’s piece about the rough-and-tumble South Carolina primary. Apparently, even though he wasn’t hiking the trails when he said he was, he’s quite the expert on the state’s rocky political landscape. “”It’s going to be a free-for-all here, is my take,” he tells Hendrix.

Elsewhere, this morning’s news brings us the following new campaign-inspired additions to the English tongue (Shakespeare would be proud): “Huntsmentum,”the Mitt-Night Express,” and “Newtron bomb.”

And our colleague Ed O’Keefe reports that Hill staffers have set off a firestorm by running a kind of “office pool” to guess how many acres will be consumed by wildfires each year. Those who fight the fires, unsurprisingly, are not amused.