Mitt Romney, left, is benefitting from Miracle-Gro’s donation. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

Growth industry — Scott’s Miracle-Gro knows a thing or two about the green stuff — grass, yes, but political money, too. The fertilizer firm is “among the first public companies with well-known consumer brands to publicly enter the new world of campaign funding,” by donating $200,000 to a GOP super PAC. Most other donors are individuals or companies without mass-market products.

Joe-mentum? — Why are all the Joe Six-Pack types actually named Joe? Meet Joe Soptic, this cycle’s “Joe the Plumber.”

Right turn— Moderates? They may not be in Kansas anymore. Seven moderate Republicans bit the dirt in primaries there.

Clinton at play — That video of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dancing makes this fun photo gallery of the former first lady’s let-loose moments timely.