(Marlon Correa)

The Senate looks like it’s not going to go along with the House’s approval last week of an East Coast missile-defense system.

The House, in passing the $642 billion defense authorization bill for fiscal 2013, included a requirement that the system be operational by 2016. But Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Wednesday he’s “skeptical” about the proposal, CQ Today reports.

If McCain, the key national security Republican in the Senate, is skeptical, then the idea is in deep trouble. And that means that those of us who live on the East Coast will be vulnerable to Iran long-range missiles — if they get them — and maybe really long-range North Korean ones that might somehow slip through the West Coast system.

But maybe McCain would be in favor of it if he knew exactly where the system would be installed? That would give him a better idea of what national treasure it would protect.

That’s why it’s important to enter the Loop contest to pick the best site for the system. We’ve gotten great entries but could always use more — and the deadline is Friday.

A few of you have sent suggestions for where missiles should be aimed, not where the anti-missile missiles should be located. But these missiles are to defend our homes, not to attack.

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