A 2012 North Korean missile test. (Uncredited/AP)

Despite the failure of a missile defense test last week, the Pentagon says it has faith in the missile defense system being deployed out west to thwart any incoming from the North Koreans.

“We believe that we have a robust missile defense architecture in place and we are in a position to respond to any threat that emanates from North Korea,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said earlier this week, according to ABC News.

(Quite true, especially since the North Koreans apparently don’t have any missiles that can reach the U.S.)

The July 5 test was the third test failure in a row for the system going back to 2008. Little said that, like any organization, the Pentagon was looking into what happened and working on fixing it.

(The Pentagon has a 14-2 winning record in shorter-range tests but their overall record in long-range interceptor tests in the last decade is a less-than-inspiring 3-7.)

So folks at the Missile Defense Agency probably are feeling like a team that’s in a bit of a slump these days.

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