Mitt Romney prefers natural fibers. (BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS)

Apparently, Romney urged women in the church to look after needy families in the area, but warned them about the “culture shock” they might experience while helping the less fortunate. “Sometimes, people are wearing polyester in Medford,” Romney cautioned, according to one woman.

Elsewhere ... talk about picking your timing. Democratic Sens. Mary Landrieu (La.) and Ben Cardin (Md.) sure know how to capi­tal­ize on a moment — they’re touting their bill that would limit the bag fees that airlines can charge just as holiday-bound travelers are experiencing maximum airport annoyance levels, our colleague Ashley Halsey III reports.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a celebrity spawn on staff, the Reliable Source says.

And we loved this quote, per our colleague Greg Jaffe, from Vice President Joe Biden, who hosted wounded vets yesterday for a holiday meal (sweet potatoes with marshmallows and all): “So folks, we love you.”