Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in 2010. (SUSAN BIDDLE/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Here’s what the Loop is reading Monday morning:

Cabinet continuity — Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is staying put, White House officials confirmed.

The muse strikes — Justice Sonya Sotomayor says she was driven to write her memoir — for which she’s in the midst of a public relations blitz — because there are “so many people with pieces of my story that they identify with and give them hope.” (And that $1.2 million advance probably was a wee incentive).

To Russia, no love — Maybe President Obama needs to spend a little time gazing into the eyes of Russian President Vladmir Putin (like George W. Bush did), since it seems the Russia-U.S. relationship is more frayed than ever. But perhaps it’s only a matter of course, per this interesting factoid: “No U.S. president since Ronald Reagan has had a better relationship with Russia in his second term than in the first.”

History lessons — And in case you missed it, this in-depth history of the National Rifle Association sheds light on the gun debate.