Mitt Romney during his tenure at Bain Capital. (Boston Globe/Via Getty Images)

But in one context, the White House dared not utter the B-word. President Obama named Boris Bershteyn to step in to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs after the departure of Cass Sunstein, but his official bio makes no mention of Bershteyn’s time at consulting firm Bain & Co. (that’s where Romney worked before founding the spinoff private equity firm Bain Capital).

According to his profile in LinkedIn, Bershteyn was an associate consultant at Bain & Co. in the early 2000s, before he got his Yale Law degree.

An OMB spokesman notes the Bain & Co./Bain Capital distinction and that Bershteyn’s time at Bain was early in his career. She also said the official bio highlights Bershteyn’s legal experience, not his consulting background — and so, apparently, was left off for editing reasons, not political ones.

Still, the Bain connection has some chuckling about how anyone with a stint at Bain on his or her resume is probably not highlighting it at the moment. For Bershteyn, it means he’ll take some ribbing.

“He seems like a perfect regulatory czar — in a Romney White House,” quips Clean Air Watch president Frank O’Donnell.