Newt Gingrich knows how to fire up the youth vote. (Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

“He told a 10-minute story about helping the colleague take a giant tree down in an ill-fated endeavor that ended with the tree on the colleague’s house — and a none-too-happy wife.” Zzzz.

And the former college professor also talked about the Kiwanis club, though it’s unclear whether millenials even know what that is. Unsurprisingly “a number of them wandered off before Gingrich had finished.”

Elsewhere, here’s a fascinating factoid from an analysis of the makeup of the Supreme Court, courtesy of our colleague Robert Barnes: “Four of the five boroughs of New York City are represented, while no state between the East Coast and California can claim a single native son or daughter” on the bench.

People are always complaining that lobbyists and elected officials are too cozy — but here’s evidence that they don’t always get along. It seems there was almost an on-ice dustup at a charity hockey game. Our colleagues at the Reliable Source report “there were tough hits, penalties and a passing moment when it looked as if the teams would start an old-fashioned, kick-butt fight on the ice.” But in the end, there were no fisticuffs, and the lawmakers, led by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) won.

And here’s Saturday Night Live’s mocking of Mitt Romney’s close win in the Michigan primary. In Saturday night’s opening sketch, Romney notes his ho-hum support, and says he’s welcoming any endorsements. “If Casey Anthony would help, I’d slap her on the ticket tomorrow,” he says.