Newt Gingrich readying more ideas. (Evan Vucci/AP)

The former House speaker is hoping to turn around his faltering GOP presidential bid, report our colleagues Karen Tumulty and Amy Gardner, by getting back to what (he thinks) he does best: thinking.

“The two periods I focused on communicating those ideas I ended up No. 1 in Gallup both times. And we’re going back to doing what we did that worked.”

Elsewhere in recycling news, the #40dollars Twitter campaign worked so well the first time around in the payroll tax debate, the White House is rolling it out again. our colleague David Nakamura reports.

The White House successfully urged people to tweet using the hashtag #40dollars “while explaining what losing that much in each paycheck would mean to them.” It worked in December, helping the White House pass a two-month extension.

And Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wants to give the Smithsonian’s travel policies “another airing” after he raised concerns about the globe-trotting of the institution’s secretary, G. Wayne Clough.

Grassley hammered Clough’s predecessor for using federal funds for travel.