A North Korean woman mourns the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. (Jason Lee)

Though the reaction to the death of Kim Jong Il was dramatic — leading many to believe the tears and wailing were typical North Korean stagecraft — Kennicott says the explanation can be found in human nature. North Koreans simply “can’t conceive of life without the Dear Leader,” he notes.

Elsewhere, since it’s the year’s end, there’s no shortage of best-of, worst-of, and other superlative lists (see the Loop’s poll to determine what the year’s worst political scandal was). One fascinating roundup is the most-searched terms on the Post’s Web site. Interesting to note that ”Obama” was the third most-searched, while “Congress” only came in 12th. And to put that in perspective, “Glee” came in 18th.

And House Republicans have found kindred spirits in their opposition to a bipartisan payroll tax plan: They’re likening themselves to the Scots in “Braveheart”.

We wonder what would happen if Congress took its inspiration from another chapter in the Mel Gibson canon. Lethal Weapon 3, perhaps?

And does that make House Speaker John Boehner William Wallace?