President Obama is “blurry,” says one Dem pollster. (Scott Barbour/GETTY IMAGES)

In a new poll analysis, longtime Democratic pollster Peter Hart finds that Obama has multiple personalities—or at least he’s perceived in many ways. “He is everyone and no one,” Hart writes.

Zelig for re-elect, anyone?

Elsewhere, our colleague Karen Tumulty reports on the new and improved Newt Gingrich. He’s undergone a bit of a temperament makeover, she reports. A Gingrich pal promises “no hissy fits” from the famously self-control-challenged candidate, who is improbably still in the race, due to the meltdowns of some frontrunners.

“Gingrich has said that his wife and his family have been coaching him to remain calm and upbeat,” the story says.

Plus, Lisa Rein highlights a Post Office nerd, and Monica Hesse names Ann Taylor the “patron saint” of Washington women with “a sufficiently high GS salary.”