President Obama and daughter Malia during their family vacation on Martha's Vineyard last summer. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

The White House is keeping mum about the plans, but it wouldn’t do, after all, for voters to see pictures of the president licking ice cream cones and riding bikes while his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, hammers him on the economy. It’s a rocky-road campaign this summer.

Instead, the family might have to settle for an abbreviated trek to somewhere far less posh — perhaps a national park. You might recall that during the 1996 presidential reelection campaign, the Clintons (who also favored Vineyard getaways) hunkered down during the GOP convention in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and toured Yellowstone. George W. Bush waited out the Dems’ 2004 summer confab at his Crawford, Tex., ranch.

But hold on a minute — why can’t the Obamas have their campaign and eat their funnel cake, too? There are plenty of vacation destinations that could be political boons. Swing states have beaches and resorts, too, don’t they?

So, Loop fans, it’s time to do your civic duty by suggesting where the first family should vacation this year. Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 29.

Our five favorite entries will win coveted Loop T-shirts — perfect for wearing on your own summer vacation.

You can leave your entry as a comment on the blog — you may want to double-check that there’s an active e-mail address associated with your log-in. You can also e-mail us at (Please make sure to include a home or cellphone number so we can contact you.)