A vendor displays an Obama shirt for sale at the Democratic National Convention (Scott Eells/Bloomberg)

So we shouldn’t have been surprised to see that official merchandise from the Obama-Biden presidential campaign is being offered at a steep discount. But isn’t it a little soon?

Typically, one wouldn’t expect to see such ephemeral goods go on sale until later in the season, when fears of having the stock linger in a warehouse, unpurchased, might drive an online merchant to drop prices and clear out the inventory.

But Obama’s campaign sent an e-mail Tuesday offering a 25-percent-off coupon code for merchandise at the Obama-Biden campaign store. Which means that goofy beer koozie emblazoned with Joe Biden’s mug (and the phrase “Cheers Champ”) can be yours for $7.50 instead of $10, or that “I Heart Bo” sweatshirt is $30, down from $40.

We couldn’t find a similar deal for Romney-Ryan merch, although their official store was recently luring customers with the promise of “Free Shipping — Limited Time Only.”

And while those might seem like good deals, wait until after the election, and the goods might drop to bargain-basement steals — particularly for the losing camp.