Keeping up with nominations. . .

President Obama has nominated Derek H. Chollet, now senior director for strategic planning on the White House national security staff and before that principal deputy director at the policy planning shop at the State Department, to be assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs.

He’ll likely join a growing list of nominees stalled in the Senate by Republicans angered by Obama’s recess appointments back in January. Democrats have criticized the GOP’s stance as partisan politics, but it should be noted that some Republicans are also caught up in the freeze.

Take, for example, the October nomination of Wendy Spencer, a long-time Florida Republican, to head the National Corporation for National and Community Service.

Spencer was appointed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in 2003 to head the state Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service. She served there during the Charlie Crist and Rick Scott administrations and President George W. Bush appointed her to his Council on Service and Civic Participation.

She was approved unanimously by a Senate committee back in December and her nomination was sent to the floor. And there it stays.

So who said bipartisanship is dead on the Hill?