(Marlon Correa)

Some pundits, such as our old pal and former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris, confidently predicted on Aug. 26 a 6-point Romney convention bounce that the candidate was “not going to relinquish” — and no bounce for Obama. (It’s worth watching.)

Romney maybe got a fast-disappearing one or two points, Obama appears to have done better in some early polls. But key Obama adviser David Axelrod cautioned Monday that the race “was close before and it’s close now.”

Loop Fans can help figure this out.

Simply predict: (1) the winning candidate; (2) the number of electoral votes he’ll receive; and, (3) his percentage of the popular vote.

The first 20 entrants who call the winner correctly and come closest to to the actual electoral vote or to the popular vote (to the tenth of a point on popular vote) will win one of our highly coveted “In the Loop” T-shirts.

Winners also will enjoy the bragging rights that accrue after their political prowess is publicized. As always, congressional and Obama administration aides may enter “on background.”

Send entries -- only one set of predictions per person -- to intheloop@washpost.com. Be sure to provide your name, profession, mailing address and T-shirt size (M, L or XL), in case you’re a winner.

You must include a phone number -- home, work or cell -- to be eligible.

Deadline for entries is midnight Friday, Sept. 21.

Good luck!