It seemed President Obama might have been a bit defensive, at his press conference Monday, when he was asked about diversity in his Cabinet picks.

His first term had “as diverse... a White House and a Cabinet than any in history,” he said, adding that he “would just suggest that everybody kind of wait until they’ve seen all my appointments... before they rush to judgment.”

The White House confirmed Monday that Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano was staying on in her job. (Ah, we’ve been writing that for some time.)

On the other hand, another very senior woman, Nancy-Ann DeParle, White House deputy chief of staff and a major player in Obama’s health care program, is leaving next week to join the Brookings Institution as a guest scholar in economic studies and will also lecture at Harvard Law School.

Another official said to be leaving is Mike Strautmanis, now counselor to White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and before that deputy chief of staff in Obama’s Senate office. He’s likely headed to the private sector.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Department said Monday that Obama asked Secretary Tom Vilsack to stay in his post and the former Iowa accepted. (This long-expected announcement may also mean his wife, Christie Vilsack, who lost a bid in Iowa for a House seat, has landed an administration job here.)