President Obama drank Guinness in Moneygall, Ireland, last year. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

Obama is tapping his roots at an Oct. 14 reception in Dublin (that would be the one in Ireland, not Ohio). The president touted his Irish heritage during a trip to the Emerald Isle last year, during which he drank the local brew and joked that he had “come home to find the apostrophe” his family had lost somewhere in its history. (It’s worth noting that Obama’s Irish ancestor was born in the auspicious-sounding town of Moneygall.)

The Romney camp, too, is casting an international net to draw in dollars, by holding a series of fundraisers for U.S. citizens across Asia this month. According to an e-mail sent to potential attendees by former undersecretary of Commerce and former U.S. ambassador to Singapore Frank Lavin, who’s volunteering on the fundraising front, there will be events in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Manila, Taipei and in South Korea.

We hear the events are a thousand bucks a head and are expected to draw in between $500,000 and $1 million. Inspired, apparently, by the success the 2008 Obama campaign had in raising money in Asia.

Interesting that Romney, who’s been talking tough on China, is going into the belly of the beast in search of donations...