In the Loop T-shirt (Marlon Correa)

The White House is mum on the matter but there are indications that they won’t be headed back to tony Martha’s Vineyard in the midst of a nasty recession.The optics would be just wrong.

If they go anywhere, they’ll most likely take off during the GOP convention in the last week of August. (It’s traditional for the incumbent not to intrude on the challenger’s convention, and Presidents Clinton and Bush vacated D.C. at convention time.)

Many entries, mindful of swing-state voters, have suggested real American vacation spots in the Midwest, such as fun-filled Cedar Point on Lake Erie. Not so many so far for spots in Colorado and Nevada.

The best five entries will get one of those coveted Loop T-shirts. But don’t dally. Contest deadline is Friday, June 29.

You can leave your entry as a comment on the blog, or e-mail us at (Please make sure to include a phone number so we can contact you.)