Smoke signals on Rice — Will President Obama adopt a “damn the torpedoes” approach in his second term? For the answer, look to how he handles a potential nomination of Susan Rice to be Secretary of State, says the Fix.

Drink liquids — The indefatigable Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is temporarily felled by a stomach virus. Best to stay home instead of pulling a George W. Bush (who once puked on Japan’s prime minister).

No more Snowe daysParting words from Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine). “Not something I would recommend,” she says of simultaneously running for Congress along with her husband, former Rep. John McKernan. She’s also writing a book.

Art simplifies life — The real-life version of the heroine of the Bin Laden-nabbing flick “Zero Dark Thirty” is a little more complicated than her onscreen doppelganger.