President Barack Obama visits the Magic Kingdom Thursday. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

During Thursday’s gaggle with White House press secretary Jay Carney, reporters noted that Florida just happens to be an electoral prize. But if Obama simply wanted to highlight tourism, why couldn’t he have done it from the noted tourist destination of Washington? That wouldn’t have even required a flight.

Even vacation hot spot New York is closer than Florida — why not there?

Carney acknowledged that this great country is simply jam-packed with tourist attractions (even ones in electorally insignificant states, we suppose). But, he countered that “there are few as iconic as Disney World.”

To which a clever reporter, according to the transcript, parried: “The fake Statue of Liberty is more iconic than the real Statue of Liberty?”


We also learned that President Obama has previously visited Disneyland in California, but that this is his first visit to Disney World. Alas, there are “no plans” for him to ride a ride.