President Obama plans to put his Cabinet on a longer leash. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

Here’s what the Loop is reading today:

No more micromanaging? — The second-term Cabinet has more outsiders and folks from the business world — and this time around, they’re going to be “empowered” to do their own policymaking.

Nevermind the IG — Government inspectors general are like Shakespeare’s Cassandra — their dire warnings regularly go unheeded.

Always a bridesmaid — What it’s like to get passed over for a Cabinet pick — sort of like having to clap for the winner of the Best Actor when you didn’t win: Former Colorado governor Bill Ritter says he’s totally fine where he is.

Present tense — And speaking of gift-giving (something the Loop has reported that both SecState John Kerry and President Obama seem to be good at), here’s a fun list of nifty presents Obama has received from world leaders.