June is LGBT Pride month — and a lot of other things. (James Buck/The Washington Post)

Mr. President, it seems that you’ve given June an identity crisis.

In quick order last week, President Obama declared June to be: African-American Music Appreciation Month; Great Outdoors Month; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month; National Caribbean-American Heritage Month; and National Oceans Month.

Sir, there’s but one month to go around. A mere 30 days!

And to complicate things, the month was already set aside for a slew of commemorations.

Enraged drivers should know it’s Lane Courtesy Month, according to the National Motorists Association. Maybe most of those who ignore courtesy driving are distracted by audio books, which has its month this month, as well, says Publishers Weekly

Papaya is king in June, according to a sampling of odd, edible, commemorative months compiled by the University of Massachusetts. The National Turkey Federation touts June as Turkey Lovers Month — perhaps an effort to boost sales near their November highs. And somehow, National Fireworks Safety Month was scheduled for June, not July, despite the heightened concern around Independence Day. (Get ‘em before they’re drunk?)

Our question: When will we have a National June Month to make June “just June” again? Perhaps that could take place in October.