President Obama said what at a ceremony for the Kennedy Center honorees? (Yuri Gripas/Reuters)

In the official White House transcript of the East Room event, the president announced to the star-studded audience that he was “mad living.”

Um, was he referring to Mad Libs, those fill-in-the-blank word games for kids (Obama has, after all, said that he’s a “blank screen” onto which people project things)? Trying to court the youth vote with a some new hipster lingo?

Perhaps he was channeling vintage Ricky Martin from the “La Vida Loca” days, or maybe . . . he’s just plain angry.

No, he actually didn’t utter those words. The White House released a corrected transcript this morning. “Mad living” was simply an error by transcribers, and the new version of the proceedings indicate that Obama actually said he was “ad libbing” during his remarks.