President Obama’s State of the Union speech attracted more viewers than “American Idol.” (Michael Becker/Fox)

Our colleague Lisa De Moraes, in her TV Column, tells us that with 38 million viewers, the president’s speech outstripped the singing competition by 9 million. Still, she says, both TV events might be declining franchises: “like “Idol” this season, Obama drew his smallest SOTU address audience yet.”

Elsewhere in the morning’s news, we expect candidates to promise us the moon, but it seems Newt Gingrich is making that trope literal. Our colleague Amy Gardner has this report on the former House speaker’s plans to establish a “moon colony.”

But will he get to decide who lives there?

And in more Newt news, it seems that claim he made during the South Carolina debate—in which he attacked the media for its reporting on his infidelity in his second marriage —wasn’t exactly true. Gardner has the details of Gingrich’s misstatement.

And WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange apparently got the memo about the best second act in public life these days—he’s getting his very own TV show, our colleague Paul Farhi reports. Hey, it’s worked for Eliot Spitzer, Mike Huckabee and countless others.