Former senator Olympia Snow (R-Maine). (Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

The Maine Republican’s “Fighting for Common Ground,”offers little in the way of the kind of slights we relish reading in Beltway tell-alls. But this anecdote about the bruising business of being a moderate Republican (particularly in the leadup to the healthcare vote) is an exception: Snowe describes how during one of the markups of the healthcare bill, she tripped over a staffer’s leg and fell — hard.

She was “bruised and sore” but unharmed (as was the cup of coffee she was holding), she writes. “The fall was so hard, however, that it prompted Chairman Baucus and also Senators Jay Rockefeller and Blanche Lincoln to follow me back to the anteroom to ask if I was all right.”

Weeks later, prompted by a reporter’s question, she recalled that not one Republican in the room had bothered to ask if she was okay.

Sounds like the Senate GOP can be a rough and tumble group.