Shawn Warren, president of Kraft Foods China, and children cut the birthday cake for the Oreo cookie's 100th anniversary celebration in Shanghai, China, March 6, 2012. (Eugene Hoshiko/Associated Press)

At least that’s what Rep. Robert Dold would like us all to do.

It’s the Oreo’s 100th anniversary, Dold notes (take that Thin Mints!) and the Oreo’s maker Kraft Foods, is headquartered in Dold’s district.

The Illinois Republican submitted a statement for the record in which he pays homage to the chocolate-and-creme confection. “Growing up,” he recalls, “there were many days where I would enjoy dunking an Oreo in my milk. . . there is no doubt Oreos bring joy to many people throughout the world.”

Indeed, sir, indeed.

Perhaps the cookie’s crunchy exterior and sweet, creamy middle could serve as a metaphor for Congress as the two parties struggle to. . . oh, never mind, just pass the milk.