Let the parties start: Actor and Musician Jeff Bridges performs ahead of the convention. (Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters)

Party time — Our colleagues at the Reliable Source have the dispatch from Charlotte’s party scene — a schedule so packed, it seems, that they have to use a database to keep track of all the concerts and fetes.

Living the caricature — Sometimes, stereotypes are true. Are Democrats really a bunch of yoga-posing, organic-eating MSNBC fans? Yep, they are, according to this graphic showing the preferences of the left-leaning consumer.

People who need people — We loved this insightful line from David Maraniss’s piece Tuesday about the truce between President Obama and former President Bill Clinton and the role the former prez will play at the convention: Clinton “loves to be needed as much as he needs to be loved.”

Pit stops — And forget electoral maps, this geographic breakdown of the Carolinas — based on the type of barbecue sauce residents prefer — is truly educational.