Here’s what the Loop is reading this morning:

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, Gen X poster boy. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Keepin’ it real — There’s a Pentagon office that helps Hollywood keep its military details slightly more in keeping with reality than they would be otherwise. And not that they’d let just anyone use their toys, but approved films can rent some: “an airborne command post — which in the event of nuclear war would serve as Air Force One — costs $72,000 for a movie the Pentagon wants to support. A B-1B long-range bomber costs $50,529 an hour, and an F-16 fighter goes for $10,181 an hour.”

Fellow organizers — Who knew that Mitt Romney had a resume line in common with President Obama? According to our colleague Jason Horowitz’s exploration of the Republican nominee’s role in the Mormon church, he reports that “Romney consistently acted as a community organizer” within the fold. Hmm, sounds familiar.