(Charles Dharapak/AP)

The creative team behind the awards included a dozen talented folks from the Towne Group, an area media and management company.

But the exhilaration didn’t last long. On Sept. 30, when the company’s Pentagon contract expired, seven of the 12 consultants who were involved in the awards were let go, part of the Department of Defense’s belt-tightening as a result of budget cuts in recent years.

The award-winning Pentagon Channel was hit particularly hard in the cuts. Some 22 contractors of the 51 working in the media affairs shop were let go.

A Pentagon spokesman said most of the seven contractors who got the Emmys “have landed on their feet.” Well, they are, by definition, a talented group, so maybe they’d fare better than most.

But when the Fiscal Cliff arrives, the waves of laid-off people may not do so well.