But our former colleague Tom Ricks tells us that the Pentagon security clearance office has delayed publication until they give it the beady eye treatment at least one more time — and there’s no telling when they’ll finish.

McChrystal apparently wrote about a lot of special operations actions, Ricks says, which “wasn’t a problem until ‘No Easy Day’ [Former Navy Seal Mark Bissonnette’s account of the operation that got Osama bin Laden] came out and freaked out everybody in officialdom.”

McChrystal’s publisher, Portfolio, Ricks wrote on his blog for Foreign Policy magazine, sent him a statement saying that McChrystal “has spent 22 months working closely with military officials to make sure he follows all the rules for writing about the armed forces, including special operations.

“The clearance process has been detailed and time consuming,” the statement said, and “McChrystal was extremely careful not to include information that would endanger any military personnel or their mission, and he’s confident the book does not do so.”

President Obama fired McChrystal, the highly regarded former commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, in June 2010 for making some rather inelegant observations about top administration officials in a Rolling Stone. article

The Pentagon’s hold comes awfully late in the process, what with the book to come out in next month. Makes you wonder if some copies might be floating around.

If any Loop Fans have a copy, remember, our Top Secret clearance is good through next year.