Dania Londono Suarez won’t be scoring a meeting with Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King. (Associated Press)

Which must be why he’s turning down an offer to meet with one of the prostitutes involved in the Secret Service scandal. How do we know that he’s not having such a meeting?

Why, because he put out a news release announcing to the world that he refused a request by the attorney for Dania Londono Suarez. She’s the Colombian hooker...er, escort who’s been making media rounds of late, making salacious claims, including that her Secret Service client left files out where she could read them — and that he liked to flash his abs.

King indicated he’s not interested in fueling the seamier aspects of the story, while his committee investigates the Secret Service agents’ dalliances with prostitutes in Cartegena, Colombia.

“While such a meeting — and the inevitable circus atmosphere surrounding it — would no doubt be of great interest to the media covering this story, a meeting with her is simply not necessary at this time,” he said in the release.

Sans a face-to-face meeting, King added that he would instead go through his staff, who would communicate with Suarez’s lawyer.

Because the only thing more newsworthy than a meeting with a Colombian hooker is turning down a meeting with a Colombian hooker..