If getting pepper-sprayed in Wal-Mart while fighting a 70-year-old for the last waffle iron on aisle five isn’t your idea of an enjoyable shopping scene, perhaps a kinder, gentler — and more Washington-flavored — excursion is in order.

We humbly submit the Loop’s sometimes-annual gift guide, perfect for steering you to the gear sure to delight the wonky and hard-to-please on your holiday list.


There are several models to choose from on CafePress.com, including a pair featuring the word “No!” on one shoe and “Yes!”on the other, to another that read “Flip for Mitt” on one, and “Flops for Mitt” on the other.


And there’s something for everyone at noted Washington jeweler Ann Hand. Her shop offers those lovely Swarovski campaign pins that make for a classy alternative to a loud plastic button. Choose from “Obama 2012,” and all of the top Republican candidates (yes, even Ron Paul!).

As a broader theme, we continue to note that there are classier options for Republican gifts than their Dem counterparts. For example, the Capitol Hill Club offers GOP merchandise that a member of the 1 percent might like. Cuff links, for example, or a subtle elephant-print silk tie. Or a Limoges box.

In contrast, Democrats have options that are far more... well, Everyman. Take the tote bags and pink “Democratic Woman” T-shirts offered at the Democratic National Committee's site.

They’d be much more at home at the neighborhood bar than the boardroom.